The company “Pandmeta” designs and produces under customer’s orders:

  • technological transportation systems and their parts: belt- and chain conveyors, scraper transporters, carts, turning platforms, scissor lifts of various models, rollers of various size.
  • non-standard technological equipment and various metal constructions: containers, tanks for liquid and friable products, shelvings, gates, fences and their elements, balcony and staircase handrails, agricultural and other machines and mechanisms.

Other services:

  • we supply unified units and details of the technological transportation systems.
  • we also provide our products with post-warranty service and modernization.

Guarantee of quality

  • the constructions and their elements are welded in semi-automatic mode in the AGA-MIX and argon gas environments.
  • high-quality surface preparation prior to painting, as well as quality painting, assures long-lasting exploitation of the metal constructions.
  • all the products are given a one-year warranty
  • DCP_2039

    Tank for impregnating solution
  • IMG_0072

  • bebras sumazintas

    Wood blender
  • ausinimo konvejeriss sumazintas

    Parts coolin conveyors
  • chemikalu padeklai sumazinta

    Pellet with accumulation of liquids
  • img_0381_th

  • laiptu stulpeliai

    Stair pillars
  • prities pecius

    Sauna boilers
  • laiptu tvorele

    Metal fences
  • prancuzu bokstas sumazintas

    Metal constructions
  • platforma nr 2 sumazinta

  • stelazas geltonas metalo lakstams susisdeti sumazintas

    Storage of steel plates
  • img_1988

    Hydrolifting ramp
  • img_1918

    Heating press
  • stakles nr 3 sumazintos

  • stakles nr 2 sumazintos

  • deze gesintuvui sumazinta foto

    Metal closets
  • img_2890

    Metal constructions
  • img_2966

  • img_3346

    Trolleys for bottle shapes
  • atytvarai arkliu 1

  • laiptu konstrukcijos

    Stairs constructions
  • Silumokaitis 001

    Heat exchangers
  • sakiu prailgintuvas sumazintas

    Extention piece of loading fork
  • Elevatorius 6

  • Elevatorius 7

  • Elevatorius 10

  • Konstrukcija 21

    Laiptai su nuolydžiu neįgaliesiems
  • Konstrukcija 22

  • HOCKEY 010

    Ledo ritulio arenos apsauginė tvorelė
  • HOCKEY 020

    Ledo ritulio arenos apsauginė tvorelė
  • Konstrukcija 17

    Ledo ritulio arenos apsauginė tvorelė
  • Konstrukcija 8

    Dujų balionų saugojimo namelis
  • Pjuvenu konteineris

    Pjuvenų konteineris
  • Pagaliuku skaldymo irenginys 2

    Pagaliukų skaldymo įrenginys
  • Suolas

  • Konstrukcija 2

  • Konstrukcija 7

  • Nosted II atitvaras 003

    Dviračių stovas
  • Nosted II atitvaras 004

  •  Nosted II atitvaras 017

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