Manger to feed animals

IMG_4378_jpgserykla su stoguUsed to feed animals with hay in rollers.
Diameter: 1,7 m.
Number of holes: 8-10
General height: 1,2 m
Closed height: 0.3 m
Weight of one side: 35 kg

-Equel conditions to come up
-Hay remains good quality
-Hay easy to move
-Realiable lock

seryklos foto - Kopijuoti

IMG_4800_JPGsumazinta edziosThe square/the big rolls manger. Fits for catching cattle and short-horsed cattle. The height of loading the roll-2,1m. Maximum diameter of the rolls- 1,8 m. There is a roof above the manger. A bottom of the manger is reinforced. There is a three-point harger and a removable top harger to transport. Galvanized

IMG_4801_JPGsumazinta edzios

edzios dvigubos paptastos sumazintos fotoDiameter( according to hay roller diametre) 1,4m
General height 1,1m
Closed height 0,2m