Hidraulic lifting tables

IMG_0352Size: 2500x600x300 Lifting capacity: 1000-3000kg Lifting height: 1200 mm Diameter: 70mm Roller length: 600mm Distance between centers: 165 mm Automotive level fixing The desks are used to lifto or lower the production to the needed level. Work power enlarges, hard physical work declines, the exterior of the product is preserved, when the device is used. Used: furniture, food, building industries (small or large size product transporting)

img_1206hidraulic lifting tables with driven transporter

Size: 2500x1180x300 mm. Lifting procseeding: 1200 mm. Lifting capacity: 2000 kg. Diameter: 89 mm. Length of the roller: 1000 kg.

img_2012Type cart with turning platform and hydroficated running gear

Size: 2200 x 2200 x 450 mm Lifting capicity: 3000 kg Lifting height: 950 mm Speed: 6 m/min.

zirklinis paprastas 4 sumaz foto hidraulic lifting tables with turning tables

Lifting capacity: 1000 kg

Size: 1300 x 900 mm

Lifting height: 300…1200 mm

Hydrostation gear power: 1,5 kW

Package fixing Safe work protection

img_3432Hidraulic lifting table with roller transporter

Lifting capacity: 2000 kg

Size: 4200 x 800 mm

Diameter: 89 mm.

Lifting height: 300…1340 mm

Gear power: 0,75 kW

Hydrostation gear power: 2,20 kW

Automotive level fixing Safe work protection.S


Hydraulic lifting table with flat top

Lifting capacity: 3.5 t.

Work table: 3 x 1.3 m.







Hydraulic lifting table with modular belt conveyor

Lifting capacity: 1000 kg.

Work table: 1,1 x 1,5 m.






Hydraulic lifting table with triple scissors and flat top.

Lifting capacity: 2 t.

Work table: 3,2 x 1,5 m.

Lifting travel up to 4 m.






















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