Trash container and container reversal

0292Size: 1100x670x820 mm

Tonnage: 500 l

Dumping container used to store and transport rubbish. There is a possibility to lift it using the automatic loader and empty it. The container is maneuverable because of turning castors, so it can be used in small space.

Used: in all fields of industry

Original construction of the containers allows to empty all the cargo fully.

Such containers are used by the furniture production companies in Lithuania and abroad.

IMG_0312Size: 1100x840x1030 mm

Tonnage: 1000 l.


Size: 1150x1300x900 mm

Tonnage: : 1000 l.

boen konteineris melinas 1 sumaz foto boen konteineris melinas 2 sumazinta foto

konteineris giriu bizono raudonas konteineris sumazintas 1

konteineris sumazintas 2konteineris sumazintas 3

konteineris sumazintas 4 Išverčiamas konteineris

Išverčiamas konteineris Išverčiamas konteineris

Išverčiamas konteineris Išverčiamas konteineris



Hydraulic container reversal for containers EN 840,
with a capacity of 1100 liters.

 Konteinerių išvertiklis