Swivel traverse trolleys

360_dSize: 2200x1750x300mm. Ultimate load: 2000 kg. Diameter: 70 mm Rollers are easy and fast to change, made of steel, both side ends are protected from dust. Used: to transport product from one work line to another, changes moving angle in 360˚.No need to reload. Work power enlarges, hard physical work declines, the exterior of the product is preserved, when the device is used. Used: furniture, food, building industries ( small or large size product transporting)

IMG_0038Size: 2500x2500x270 mm Ultimate load: 3000 kg.

Img_0612 Size: 2500x2600x300 mm. Ultimate load: 2000 kg. Hydraulic lifting of horizontal rollers

pasuk_vezim_dSize: 2500x1200x300mm. Ultimate load: 2000 kg. Diameter: 70 mm. Roller length: 600 mm. Distance between the centres: 165 mm

img_3320Size: 4200x2560x300mm. Ultimate load: 2000 kg

img_2630Size: 2200 x 2160 x 260 mm Ultimate load: 2000 kg. Gears: 0,55 kW Speed: 0…15 m/min Double transverse turning cart with gears . The wheals are propellered by electricity gears.

Pasukamas traversinis vezimelis Traversinis pasukamas vežimėlis skirtas pervežti ir perorientuoti (pasukti) krovinį. Traversinis vežimėlis juda bėgiais.

Gabaritiniai matmenys: 1,4 x 1,3 x 0,3 m.

Maksimalus apkrovimas: 1000 kg.

Pasukamos platformos fiksacija: kas 90º.







Traversinis vežimėlis