Roller transporters

ritin_transporter_dSize: H=300…900mm, Width 600mm., L=2000mm., L=2500mm. L=3000mm

Diameter: 70 mm.

Distance between centers of the rollers: 160…250 mm.

Rollers are easy changeable. Transporters can be tightly connected ( connecting plates). There are the gaskets of one roller (length L=200mm)

Used: furniture, food, building industries (small or large size product transporting).

Used: as transport between operations; transporting of the storage, logistic and storing system; passing of the material into the devices.

img_1351Used: furniture, food, building industries (small or large size product transporting)

img_1425At the ends of the transporter turning and non-turning supporting can be constructed


Desk with the roller for a load

Used to transport the packet of the product from/to stationary transporter lines.

Size: 4200 x 1200 x 300 mm.

Ultimate load: 2000 kg.

Diameter: 70 mm

Packet fixing on






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