Driven transporter

IMG_0309Ultimate power 1000 kg Size 2500x800x150 mm Gears 0,75 kW Speed to 10 m/min Sacred to modernize transporting or industrial devices. It makes work easier, strengthens work power and lets to retrench the price of the production

img_0836Size: 4600x1200x300 mm Ultimate load: 2000 kg. Gears: 0,55 kW

img_3404Desk with the rollers Used to pass single parts from tone work place to another. Size: 4200 x 800 x 900 mm. Ultimate load: 200 kg. The diametre of the roller: 70 mm. Gear power: 0,75 kW Passin speed: 10…40 m/min. Passing cycle: 10…12 s.

varomas transport 1Passing device Used to pass single parts from tone work place to another. Size: 1400 x 350 x 930 mm. Ultimate load: 1000 kg./m. Diameter of the roller: 70 mm. Gear: pneumatic cylinder

Driven roller transporter

Length 3 m.

Working width 1 m .

Rubber coating of rollers.
Possibility to adjust the rollers at an angle so that the part is based on the edge.
Roller drives with flat belts from the drive shaft .





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